Weapons of Mass Destruction, Counter-Terrorism, Emergency Management and Contingency Planning, Training, and Exercises

Catastrophic accident, environmental incident, natural disaster, terrorist attack, community protection – no matter what the arena, we have extensive experience, from the local to the federal level, in all areas of emergency management and contingency planning. Our planning team has in-depth experience developing and writing plans and exercises at the governmental, business and educational levels; it has taken part in every aspect of the planning cycle: vulnerability assessment, development, validation, evaluation, integration, and revision.

Cost-effective Benefits:

  • We will perform a vulnerability assessment to determine your requirements.
  • We will develop your plan if you don’t have the time or expertise.
  • We will evaluate and validate your plan and its implementation through comprehensive exercises, on-site after action reviews, and an improvement plan.
  • We will integrate your plans within your community, your county, your state.
  • We will revise your plans to meet your needs for today, tomorrow, and the future.
  • We will train your emergency responders and your security and operations workforce with our nationally certified training staff.

Areas of Expertise:

  • All-Hazards Planning
  • Continuity of Operations (COOP)
  • Continuity of Government (COG)
  • Contingency Planning
  • Counter-terrorism
  • Emergency Management
  • Force Protection
  • Hazmat
  • School Planning

Train the Trainer: our nationally and state accredited staff presently have the certifications to Train-the-Trainer in the following areas:

  • The US DHS Homeland Security Exercise and Evaluation Program;
  • WMD Operations, Awareness, and Technician;
  • WMD Radiological/Nuclear Responder Awareness;
  • Hazmat Awareness ;
  • Confined Space Operations;
  • Community Emergency Response Team (CERT);
  • Fire Service: New Jersey Level I, National Level II.

Project and Event Management

We have the know-how and experience to bring your projects in on time and within budget.  Whether a special event, a national business conference, or a one-time need such as office closure/relocation, The James Thomas Group has a proven track record of success in both the civilian and government sectors and will provide the professional touch that your staff and clients always seek but do not always find.

Key Benefits:

  • You do not divert your workforce from what they should be doing.
  • You use our expertise and professionalism to satisfy your needs.

Our team of planning, protocol, audio-visual, logistical, and travel experts have conducted numerous regional and national business conferences for the military and civilian communities. We have directed the Armed Forces Community Celebrations, 90th Anniversary, and Organization Day events for Fort Monmouth, New Jersey; Independence Day celebrations for Eatontown, NJ; Centennial Parade for West Long Branch, NJ and we were intimately involved in the Department of Defense’s Base Realignment and Closure process.

Our experience for business conferences includes the U.S. Army’s Installation Management Agency’s Worldwide Commander’s Conference and their Northeast Region Commander’s Conference, the operations portion of an Association of the United States Army’s Orlando Conference, and the Army Material Command’s Commander’s Conferences.

Hydrant and Water Management Services

The NFPA 25, Chapter 4 recommends that hydrants be inspected twice a year and many communities are now requiring annual inspections and also requiring owners of private fire hydrants to have their hydrants tested and certified annually.  Will your hydrants work if a fire breaks out?  Or will you be open to criminal and civil action if a fire fighter or building occupant is injured?  TJTG can help ensure the operation of the fire hydrants in your business or community through hydrant assessment, installation, repair, maintenance and inspection.  We operate throughout the central New Jersey area.

  • Fire Hydrant Testing and Certification
  • Fire Hydrant Inspections, Assessments, and Flow Tests for Public and Private systems
  • Fire Hydrant Repair and Installation
  • Backflow Preventor Device Inspection, Maintenance, and Repair