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IMA Worldwide Senior Leaders Conference, February 2004

U.S. Army Installation Management Activity (IMA) Worldwide Senior Leadership Offsite Conference

IMAIMA’s initial selection for the Offsite Conference for late February 2004 had to be cancelled in late January for reasons unexplained.  Fort Monmouth volunteered to host the conference and The James Thomas Group (TJTG) was tasked to make it happen…with less than a month before the first slide was shown on the screen.  We assembled our team from Protocol, Transportation, Housing, Audio-Visual, Gibbs Hall Officers Club and other areas and put together what was nothing less than a seamless experience for our guests.  From the moment they were picked up at Newark airport until they were dropped off there five days later, conference attendees received five-star treatment.  Whether having mints on their pillow, eating at an oceanfront restaurant, using world-wide secure and non-secure communications, riding in first-class transportation, or having to project a tech-heavy presentation, conference attendees from the Undersecretary of the Army on down found themselves at a World Class Installation.  And it was all put together by TJTG in less than a month.

The Garrison Commander wrapped it all up when he wrote: “We have just set the standard by which all Senior Leaders Conferences will be measured in the future.”

And from BG John Macdonald, Director, IMA Korea: “Last and most important: your team was superb; the execution was flawless.  We did not have to worry about time nor timing nor places nor housing; all was done absolutely superbly so that we could concentrate on the meat of the conference… my compliments to your team!!”

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