Our Mission

The James Thomas Group will assist you to safeguard your community, citizens and businesses from natural, technological, terrorist, and human-caused disasters.

We will enable you to better safeguard lives and reduce property damage by fostering better preparedness for emergencies through the mitigation, preparation, validation, and integration of emergency management and contingency plans.

Our Team

Planning and Operations Specialist with over 30 years in the crisis management, contingency planning, disaster control and the WMD arena; has written Emergency Operations, Anti-Terrorism and other contingency plans; written and conducted numerous mass casualty, hostage, terrorism and other exercises for Federal and local Governments; Homeland Security Exercise and Evaluation Program (HSEEP) Train-the-Trainer; extensive Risk Communications training and experience; counter-terrorism combat proven retired Infantry Colonel.

DHS Certified Weapons of Mass Destruction Instructor (CWMDI) with extensive experience in writing and conducting All Hazards Response plans and Hazmat exercises; NJ State Police OEM trained Community Emergency Response Team (CERT) Program Manager; Program Manager of West Long Branch and Fort Monmouth CERT; Homeland Security Exercise and Evaluation Program (HSEEP) Train-the-Trainer; Risk Communications and Mediation training and experience; certified Emergency Medical Technician.

Former High School Principal, Educator and Administrator who has written School Emergency Response Plans at the primary, middle and high school levels; has planned and conducted numerous school hostage scenario, bomb threat, and armed intruder exercises; retired US Army Colonel with Military Intelligence and extensive plans, operations and exercise background.

Former FBI agent with extensive counter-terrorism experience; former head of the FBI’s Philadelphia based SWAT team; former Director of a regional FBI Computer Center; Hostage Negotiator; responsible for the development of crisis management and disaster recovery plans and executive protection programs.

Former Director of the Federal security operations at Atlantic City International Airport and two smaller regional airports; developed the Federal Security Management Response Plan; retired Police Chief of one of New Jersey’s largest cities; contracted by the U.S. Department of Justice to rebuild, reorganize, and train the police forces of Croatia and the Republic of Georgia; retired Army Lieutenant Colonel with years of planning, training, and exercise experience.

FEMA manager with oversight of the Radiological Emergency Preparedness Program dealing with state and local government preparedness surrounding commercial nuclear power plants; over 15 years natural disaster recovery operations experience in the northeast; retired Army Colonel with Military Intelligence and Civil Affairs background.

Mitigation specialist with 15 years experience in the NJ State Police Office of Emergency Management where he served as a member of the State Hazard Mitigation Team that developed the FEMA approved State All-Hazard Mitigation Plan; coordinated the development of the Firefighting and Infrastructure Functions of the State Emergency Operations Plan; former Captain of the Philadelphia Fire Department with 27 years experience.

Explosive Ordnance Demolition (EOD) specialist with over 25 years hands-on experience to include developing and conducting EOD training programs for Army units deploying to Southwest Asia; retired Army Ordnance Command Sergeant Major.

Former Fire Chief of one of the largest fire departments in Monmouth County with over 25 years experience in fire fighting to include extensive hazardous materials training and remediation experience.

Environmental Specialist with over 20 years experience in all areas of hazardous materials clean-up and remediation to include radioactive materials such as uranium, plutonium, cesium, etc; Asbestos AHERA Worker, Supervisor and NJDOH Safety Technician Certifications and License; NJDEP Subsurface Evaluator License; OSHA Hazmat Response Certificate; OSHA Haz-Mat Response Supervisor / Manager Certificate; Hazardous Materials Transportation and Hazardous Waste Management Training; extensive Risk Communications training and experience.

Former FEMA Manager with over thirty-five years of law enforcement and emergency management experience that includes serving as the lead Public Assistance Officer of several federally declared disasters; selected by FEMA as the Debris Control Officer for the removal of the Twin Towers after the 9-11-2001 terrorist attack on New York City; retired Police Captain; highly decorated retired Infantry Command Sergeant Major.