Incident Command Table Top Exercise (TTX), Fort Monmouth Directorate of Emergency Services, August 12, 2009

The Fort Monmouth Directorate of Emergency Services (DES) supports local communities through Mutual Aid Agreements and, as such, is often just part of the Incident Command System as a participant and not in charge of the incident in the Incident Command Post (ICP).  On Fort Monmouth proper, most police and fire incidents are small and do not require the need for a full-blown ICP.  In addition, with the upcoming closure of Fort Monmouth, there have been many changes in police and fire personnel due to transfers and retirements.

Because of these factors and as a result of the Timely Alert VII Force protection exercise held in May, 2008, the Director of the DES requested a train-up in the Incident Command System for his personnel.  The training sessions were held duing the month of July and were followed by a TTX on August 12. 

Personnel for the TTX consisted of police, fire, and EMT leadership personnel from the DES and the Emergency Management Officer and the Anti-Terrorism Officer from the Directorate of Plan, Training, Mobilization and Security.  The scenario consisted of an RPG attack on a communications site on the installation.  The objectives of the TTX were to evaluate the ICS training with regard to the set-up and operation of the ICP and to evaluate the communications and coordination through the various layers of the ICS and to/from the Garrison’s Installation Operations Center.  The overarching goal was to prepare the DES for the upcoming Timely Alert VIII Full Scale Exercise.

The site of the TTX was changed at the last minute and, as the below pictures show, a TTX can be conducted just about anywhere.

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